Town Center

Town Center is a 192-acre area surrounding City Hall. The Town Center Vision & Plan establishes a phased redevelopment of the area, including adding sidewalks, trails, and other transportation improvements as well as improvements to the pond behind City Hall to transform it into Creekside Park – a community gathering space to anchor the Town Center and set it apart from other downtowns.

In 2022, City Council approved the Town Center zoning districts to guide the private sector redevelopment; finalized a conceptual plan and authorized engineering for Creekside Park; celebrated Boston Scientific's announcement of $62.5 million investment to build a state-of-the-art research and logistics facility in Town Center; approved zoning for Medley, a $350 million premiere development that will anchor the Town Center with unique residential, retail, and entertainment offerings.

The Town Center Vision and Plan establishes the plan for a phased redevelopment of the Town Center area; ways to improve mobility and create connections through sidewalks, trails, and other transportation improvements; and utilization of Creekside Park to anchor the Town Center and set it apart from other downtowns. Council reached consensus to continue this strategic initiative in 2023. Major goals for 2023 include continue engineering, right-of-way acquisition, and construction of infrastructure and other improvements on City-owned land to spur and encourage continued desired redevelopment and continue engaging current landowners and private investors to promote projects to complement the City’s investments.

July 2023 Update:

Johns Creek Town Center continues making progress

The Johns Creek Town Center is taking shape as exciting projects are underway and the City continues its focus on bringing the vision and plan to life.
The transformation of the 192-acre Town Center area is not only going to be the heart of the community, but it serves as a hub for health, wellness, and innovation. From parks to businesses to pathways and placemaking, the Town Center will be a vibrant destination drawing on the best of what Johns Creek offers.
In a newly-released video, City of Johns Creek Community Development Director Ben Song, Economic Development Director Randall Toussaint, Recreation and Parks Director Erica Madsen, and Public Works Director Chris Haggard highlight milestones to developing the vision for the Town Center and how the vision has transitioned toexciting developments underway in the Town Center area and provide an overview of what’s to come.
In less than two years, the City has begun work on 14 of the 20 projects (plus three additional projects) identified in the Town Center Vision & Plan, which is twice as many project as planned within the first two years and demonstrates the commitment to the Town Center and the positive response from residents and the development community.
Private sector investments (Boston Scientific’s $62.5 million research & development facility and Toro Development Company’s $400 million mixed-use development, Medley) coupled with City-managed intersection improvements, Creekside Park construction, and public art programming are paving the way for Johns Creek tp continue its strategic focus on the Town Center.

Johns Creek Town Center FAQs:

What is the Town Center? 
The 192-acre area will have a mix of housing, retail, and office options, as well as park space and multi-modal networks. The Town Center Vision & Plan ( details the key steps and overarching themes (arts, culture, wellness, sustainability, and innovation).
Where is it?
The Town Center area is bounded by Medlock Bridge Road, McGinnis Ferry Road, Lakefield Drive, and Johns Creek Parkway. It’s part of Technology Park, where City Hall is located.
What is there now?
Besides City Hall and Emory Johns Creek Hospital, the Town Center area is home to companies like Alcon, Ebix, Saia, and Nordson. There is also the 20-acre Creekside Park adjacent to City Hall.
What’s coming?
- Creekside Park development (plans include: an amphitheater, new playground, multi-use trails, boardwalk, fountains, underpass on Medlock Bridge Road & more!)
- Boston Scientific (manufacturer of medical devices building a state-of-the-art research design facility)
- Medley (a 43-acre mixed-use entertainment destination)