Town Center

November 2022


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Meetings with Developers / Brokers to Discuss Town Center

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Recruitment Meetings with Potential Retail / Office Tenants

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Meetings wtih North Pond at Creekside Park Property Owners

Town Center is a 192-acre area surrounding City Hall. On Oct. 25, 2021, the Council adopted the Town Center Vision and Plan which establishes and prioritizes the phased redevelopment of the Town Center area. The area will be improved by adding sidewalks, trails, and other transportation improvements as well as improvements to the pond behind City Hall to transform it into Creekside Park – a community gathering space to anchor the Town Center and set it apart from other downtowns.

In addition to the City’s direct investments, City staff has been engaging developers and brokers to discuss the Town Center Vision and Master Plan, meeting with existing Town Center businesses to discuss their role in the implementation, and conduct recruitment meetings with potential private sector partners interested to become part of the implementation of the plan.

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