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Economic Development

November 2022

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Meetings with External Economic Development Partners

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Business Retention / Expansion Projects Underway

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Business Recruitment Projects

The City is relatively new to economic development. Prior to 2021, the City relied on partnerships with other organizations to forward economic development activity in the City.

In 2021, the City hired an Economic Development Director and began to build foundational relationships with community organizations and engage the business community in the creation of the Town Center Vision and Master Plan.

The City’s new focus on economic development coalesces around five goals:
1. Ensure Council support of economic development
2. Promote City image and climate
3. Empower economic development tools
4. Explore new opportunities for economic development
5. Create a sense of place

Additionally, based on the adopted Strategic Economic Development Plan, the City’s Economic Development Director focuses on attracting life science and healthcare-focused companies to generate quality jobs and capital investment with specific focus on advancing the deliverables from the Town Center Vision and Master Plan by engaging the development community about opportunities available in Johns Creek. Each month, the director has been meeting with external economic development partners, existing businesses, and working on strategic business recruitments.

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