Building Forms

CSS Portal

As of Jan. 1, 2023, paper permit application forms and plans are no longer accepted.  Please provide all of the permit details during the online application process in the Customer Self-Service (CSS) Portal.  Electronic plan files are uploaded as attachments to permits.  A CSS User account is required.
See the Building Permit Guidelines page for information about permit requirements.

For other permit-related forms listed below, complete the appropriate forms, save as a PDF file(s), then upload as an attachment to your permit in the CSS Portal. Please note that we only accept the current version of forms. 

Permit-Related Forms

Authorized Permit Agent Affadavit
Homeowner-Contractor Affidavit
Georgia Residential Energy Code Compliance Certificate
Owner's Indemnification for Retaining Wall
Engineer's Certficiation for Retaining Wall
Extended Hours of Construction Request
Georgia EPD Project Completion Form
Georgia EPD Project Notification Form
Sewer Affidavit (for emergency repairs)
Permit Renewal / Extension Request
Revision to Issued Permit Application
Change of Contractor Form
Certificate of Occupancy / Completion Request - Commercial
Certificate of Occupancy / Completion Request - Residential
Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Stations