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Purchasing Policy

The Purchasing Policy outlines how to do business in the City and details those purchases requiring a formal bid process and those considered informal purchases. In general, purchases greater than $100,000 require a formal sealed bid/RFP process.

Departmental Purchases

City departments have the authority to purchase up to $5,000 using their State of Georgia Visa procurement card (p-card). If you sell small dollar items which are not covered under any annual contract agreement, you may be able to sell directly to a City department. Your first contact, however, should be Purchasing, who can advise how the City buys the items you are selling and refer you to the proper contact person within the department.

Purchases Between $5,001–$100,000

Purchases between $5,001–$100,000 are generally bid through an informal bid process. These are not publicly advertised. The purchasing agent may handle this procurement through various methods; for example, written/fax/email quotes. A minimum of three (3) vendors are solicited. Award is made to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder meeting the minimum specifications.

Purchases Greater than $100,000

These purchases require a formal sealed bid/RFP process. They are publicly advertised in the legal organ of the City, the Johns Creek Herald, for a minimum of fourteen (14) days. They are also posted on the City website and the Georgia Department of Administrative Services website.

Pre-bid conferences are normally held for formal sealed bids/RFPs to provide bidders the opportunity to ask questions regarding the solicitation. The bid/RFP package will outline the location, date, and time of any pre-bid conference.

Formal sealed bids/RFPs require a public bid opening. Public bid openings are held at City Hall located at 11360 Lakefield Drive on the date specified in the solicitation package. The information read out loud for the bids includes the vendor name and total bid amount. For RFPs only the name of the vendor will be read out loud. Formal bids/RFPs must be stamped in at the reception desk prior to the deadline in order to be accepted. Any bids/RFPs received after that deadline will not be accepted and will be returned to vendor. Award has to be approved by the City Council.

Construction Services

Construction projects are processed under the formal sealed bid process as stated above. Construction contractors are required to provide a performance bond in the amount equal to 100% of the contract award. Bidders are also generally required to provide a 5% payment bond at the time of bid submittal. Evidence of general liability and workman's compensation insurance are other documents also required prior to any construction services contract award.