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Town Center - Creekside North Pond Trail

Why: To provide a community gathering area and strengthen the City’s identity, Council is creating a Town Center for Johns Creek. Anchoring Town Center is 21 acres of land owned by the City, envisioned to become Creekside Park. The approved conceptual master plan for Creekside Park includes the Creekside Trail that connects from the intersection of Medlock Bridge Road at Johns Creek Parkway up to East Johns Crossing as well as forming a loop around the North Pond behind City Hall. 

What: With the TSPLOST I project (Medlock Bridge Trail) connecting along the South Pond and the City Hall side of North Pond, this project would fund the construction for the Creekside Trail across the existing dam and on the far side of the North Pond (completing the trail network for Creekside Park). 

TSPLOST II Funds: $2 million

Total Project Cost Estimate: TBD (conceptual master plan approved March 28, 2022, overall project cost estimating in progress) 

Next Step: Engineering to begin in 2022

View the Creekside Park concept [PDF]