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Town Center - Creekside Trail

Background: To provide a community gathering area and strengthen the City’s identity, Council is working to create a Town Center for Johns Creek. After unanimously approved the Town Center Vision and Plan, Council has been working on the conceptual design for Creekside Park (21 acres owned by the City anchored by two in-line stormwater retention ponds including the “North Pond” behind City Hall and two parcels along Medlock Bridge Road). 

What: The approved conceptual master plan for Creekside Park includes significant streetscape and landscape that will be necessary along the Creekside Trail network. 

TSPLOST II Funds: $1.5 million 

Total Project Cost Estimate: TBD (conceptual master plan approved March 28, 2022, overall project cost estimating in progress)

Next Step: Engineering to begin in 2022

View the Creekside Park concept [PDF]