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Landscape / Streetscape

Landscape / Streetscape: $3.5 million set aside – 2 projects – $3.5 million of TSPLOST II funds 

TSPLOST II sets aside $3.5M for landscape / streetscape projects. The two projects recommended by staff both relate to the redevelopment of the Town Center area and forwarding projects specifically listed in the adopted implementation action plan / prioritization: the Creekside Trail (through and around the North and South Pond) and streetscape for Lakefield Drive to become more of a Main Street. These two projects are anticipated to exhaust the funds set aside for landscape / streetscape projects in TSPLOST II (but would not prevent Council from transferring funds at a later date from the “inflation” category or other categories once projects are completed in those categories). Council has separately authorized staff to begin the procurement process to secure engineering for Creekside Park and at the appropriate time will consider awarding that engineering contract. Staff is requesting Council authorization to begin engineering for the Lakefield Drive streetscape project.