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Nesbit Ferry Road Improvements

Background: Nesbit Ferry Road (from Holcomb Bridge Road to Old Alabama) lacks pedestrian connectivity and the lack of a center turn lane creates traffic congestion for each vehicle needing to turn across the flow of traffic. 

What: The anticipated project would add a center turn lane and pedestrian connectivity (sidewalk and/or trail) along Nesbit Ferry Road. 

Partner: As Roswell owns the road and right-of-way, but the surrounding residential areas to the east are Johns Creek neighborhoods, if the project is to be advanced it must be done in partnership with the City of Roswell. Roswell specified a Nesbit Ferry Road improvement project on their TSPLOST II project list and set aside $1M to contribute towards the project. 

TSPLOST II Funds: $7.5 million (may decrease if awarded an ARC grant for project) 

Project Cost Estimate: $8.5 million (balance funded in Roswell’s TSPLOST II project list) 

Next Step: Working on an IGA with Roswell

Nesbit Ferry Road map