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Abbotts Bridge Road (Parsons to Medlock Bridge)

Why: The section of State Route 120 / Abbotts Bridge Road from Parsons Road to Medlock Bridge Road is the last remaining section in Johns Creek without funding to add pedestrian connectivity and turn lanes. This section directly serves 13 neighborhoods, Abbotts Hill Elementary School, and the Standard Club golf course. The added turn lanes benefit both those needing safe entry / exit to and from their neighborhoods as well as the traffic flow for commuters by improving sight distances. 

What: Continuing the already completed section of SR 120 / Abbotts Bridge Road (from Jones Bridge Road to Parsons Road), the project will widen the existing road to provide turn lanes, a median, bike lanes, and trails (wide sidewalks) along SR 120 / Abbotts Bridge Road. In addition, this project will eliminate a substandard curve (across from Reynold’s Farm) and replace the bridge over Johns Creek to reduce flooding. Once constructed, the trails (wide sidewalks) will create a continuous pedestrian connection from State Bridge Road to Medlock Bridge Road. 

Partner: As GDOT owns the road but the surrounding residential areas are Johns Creek neighborhoods, if the project is to be advanced it must be done in partnership with GDOT. GDOT has previously contributed towards the engineering and right-of-way phases for the project and is strongly considering a funding award for construction. 

TSPLOST II Funds: $4 million

Total Project Cost Estimate: $20 million (balance requested from GDOT as grant request under consideration) 

Next Step: Working on updating studies and engineering (required by GDOT to advance to construction)

Abbotts Bridge Road map