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Trails & Sidewalks

Developing more multi-use trails and sidewalks will help Johns Creek become a pedestrian-friendly community that links parks, schools, employment centers, neighborhoods and shopping.

While developing the City's Comprehensive Plan, the residents of Johns Creek expressed an overwhelming interest in sidewalks and trails for pedestrians and bicyclists. A priority has been placed on filling in gaps, especially along major roadways and within a half-mile of schools, libraries, and parks, including the Chattahoochee River public use areas. The City also is pursuing sidewalks and trails along major roads, and connecting with networks of neighboring cities and counties.

Projects are selected based on their conformity with the Comprehensive Plan, and a matrix that includes safety, connectivity and proximity to schools, parks and activity centers, pedestrian use, whether it closes gaps, and cost. 

The City's plans for future trail and sidewalk development are summarized in the Future Sidewalk & Trail Network, which depicts proposed multi-use trails and sidewalks. Showing locations and alignment, the map serves as the basis for construction of all future trails and sidewalks. The map was developed as part of the Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2008. The plan is being revisited in 2016. The Sidewalk and Trail Network map shows sidewalks that have been constructed.