Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) 3-4

Current ITS Projects

The Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) 3 & 4 project involves:

ITS 3: project involves adding fiber optic cable to extend the communications network.
ITS 4: Project involves upgrading the traffic signals at 48 intersections. The upgrades include new cabinets and controllers, replacing five section heads with four section heads with flashing yellow arrows, and adding back plates to the traffic signal heads.

ITS 4 also includes the left turn lane extensions at Medlock Bridge Road and Hospital Parkway and Medlock Bridge Road at Medlock Bridge Parkway.

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About ITS

Intelligent Traffic System

The City of Johns Creek has developed one of the most advanced Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) in thr country. The City's syncrhonized signal timing system uses sophisticated software to help balance traffic flow throughout the City. ITS ties 72 traffic signals in five separately coordinated sytems, which are each uniquely timed, to a Traffic Control Center (TCC) at City Hall. Read more about ITS.


2004: Fulton County installed seven cameras and fiber optic cable on Medlock Bridge Road. The project is cancelled before it is completed.
2007-2009: Signals in Johns Creek upgraded using fast forward and Advanced Traffic Controller programs from GDOT.
2009: The City received $570,000 U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant to upgrade the City's signals:
  • Concert signals to LED
  • ITS Master Plan
2010-2011: Phase 1 included working with GDOT to upgrade signal communication, upgraded and installed cameras, and constructed the Traffic Control Center.
2012: Upgraded signals to Centracs central signal system to provide more consistent signal performance, designed Phase 2 ITS.
2013: Constructed Phase 2 ITS, connected remaining corridors and provided redundant fiber communication routes. Designed Phase 3 ITS.
2014: Implemented flashing yellow arrow operation on major intersections, add most of interconncted intersections to Centracs, using ASC/3, Phase 3 implemented Traffic Adaptive Control.
2015: Phase 3 ITS, installed backup power to all signal cabinets.
2016: Expanded the Traffic Control Center.