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Medlock Bridge Road at Abbotts Bridge Road (SR 120)


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 Medlock Bridge Rd at Abbotts Bridge Rd (SR 120)


Faster travel, less congestion


City of Johns Creek


Engineering in 2021, Right-of-Way and Construction in 2022

Current Issues:

  • Traffic congestion along Medlock Bridge Road.
  • Critical intersection for the commercial centers along Abbotts Bridge Road and the nearby high school.
  • Second most-heavily trafficked intersection along the Medlock Bridge corridor (second to the State Bridge Road/Medlock Bridge Road intersection).

Proposed Solution:

  • Add capacity to the intersection by restriping Medlock Bridge to add a third through lane in both the northbound and southbound directions, allowing more cars to cross Abbotts Bridge in each light cycle.
  • Improvements are planned eastbound and westbound on Abbotts Bridge as part of GDOT's on-going Abbotts Bridge project (presently in the right-of-way stage).
  • Project cost: $3.3 million (2021 estimate).