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Medlock Bridge at State Bridge Intersection - Phase 2

Project Current Phase:

Planning Process

Medlock Bridge - State Bridge Road intersection



 Medlock Bridge at State Bridge Road


Faster travel, less congestion


City of Johns Creek, GDOT



Current Issues:

  • Traffic congestion at Medlock Bridge Road (State Route 141) and State Bridge Road
  • Critical intersection feeding Johns Creek's economy
  • Most congested intersection in North Fulton County
  • Both roads are major aterials, largely responsible for carrying traffic between the CIty of Johns Creek and neighboring regions

Proposed Solution:

  • Building upon Phase 1 to provide a comprehensive solution
  • GDOT will develop a design for a hybrid intersection improvement that includes aspects of Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI) and Thru-U intersections.
  • Project Cost: $13.6 million, including GDOT funds.

Anticipated Results:

  • Hybrid: reduces delay by 46% (3 min, 37 sec)

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