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Jones Bridge Road Widening - Waters to State Bridge

Project Current Phase:

Project Progress


 Jones Bridge Road


 Waters Road to State Bridge Road


Faster travel, less congestion


City of Johns Creek


Construction in Spring 2023

Current Issues:

  • Traffic congestion from Waters Road to State Bridge Road
  • Jones Bridge Road was designed to handle 12,390 cars/day; currently handles 14,620 cars/day (18% over capacity)
  • Drivers on Jones Bridge Road experience heavy traffic during morning and evening rush hours

Proposed Project:

  •   Construction of center turn lanes, medians, and dedicated turn lanes into neighborhoods to improve access for 13 neighborhoods, an elementary school, and several businesses along the corridor. 
  • Designed with future needs in mind; Should travel demands warrant continuous two lanes of traffic in each direction in the future, only modifications to the curb and gutter and the striping will be required, allowing the stormwater and pedestrian infrastructure to be maintained.  
  • Similar to the widening project on Abbotts Bridge Road (Jones Bridge to Parsons Road)
  • Reconfigure the carpool flow at Dolvin Elementary School
  • Provide a continuous trail on the east side of the road

Anticipated Results:

  • Modeled widening reduces delay by 67% or 51 seconds per car
  • Overall the project reduces 104 hours of delay each day (considering daily volume)
  • Before and after travel time study could compare to the anticipated results
  • Breakdown analysis of the corridor could look at each intersection

April 1, 2021 Public Meeting Materials:

Public Meeting Display [PDF]
Community Input Handout [PDF]
Meeting Presentation [PDF]
Public Comment Summary [PDF]

May 16, 2022 Concept Revision:

View City Council memo