Launched in August, 2011, the Transportation Response Vehicle team has responded to about 800 incidents, including accidents, stalled vehicles and various traffic hazards.

The Transportation Response Vehicle is manned by one of two multi-skilled technicians who work for the City, each covering 3-hour shifts during morning and evening rush hours, Monday-Friday. During non-rush hours, TRV techs perform repair and maintenance on municipal facilities, including minor adjustments to traffic signals.

The TRV team is not a mobile vehicle-repair service, but it can help with basic fixes, such as adding coolant, changing flats, and re-charging batteries. If required, the truck can push a stalled vehicle off the road, or pull a car to safety. It has fire extinguishers, flares, an AED, and traffic control devices, such as cones, chains, and a bucket of sand to help move stuck cars. The TRV team also carries "Oil-Dri" to soak up spilled fuel or coolant on the roadway.

The TRV is often sent to accident scenes to help move vehicles if required and to help clean up debris. The truck is equipped with a large directional light board mounted on top of the cab so oncoming motorists can see that they need to change lanes.