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Road, Bridge & Construction Maintenance

Field Services Division

Field Services is responsible for maintaining the City’s roads, bridges, drainage structures, and rights of way. The division plays a key role in emergency operations, such as ice storms. Field Services handles beautification and landscaping on road medians and some rights of way.


In managing City construction projects, the Field Services team inspects each step, ensures the builder adheres to the contract, and keeps track of expenses. Within the constraints of weather and unavoidable and unexpected construction issues, Field Services strives to keep projects on schedule. For more about the road construction process, visit our road construction step-by-step page.


Maintenance of streets and roads, drainage structures, and rights of way involve multiple jobs, such as:
  • Roadway – pothole repair, sidewalk and curb reconstruction, debris removal from under bridges, and pavement reconstruction
  • Stormwater – clearing ditches, storm drain pipes, catch basins, detention basins, retention ponds, wetlands, outfalls
  • Right of Way – tree trimming, grass cutting, and litter pick-up services on public rights of way.
Maintenance also encompasses the Neighborhood Repaving program, a multi-year initiative to repave the City’s subdivision streets.

Emergency Operations

Field Services helps keep roads open in emergencies, such as floods, ice storms, downed trees and sink holes.

Emergency field or road service calls should be reported to 678-512-3200, or Contact Us.

Beautification and Landscaping

The Field Services group oversees design, planting, and maintaining grasses, shrubs, and trees on the City’s medians and rights of way to enhance the City’s curb appeal.


Johns Creek operates its own Hero-style rescue vehicle. Designed to keep roads clear by helping stranded vehicles off the roadway, the Transportation Response Vehicle can help with basic fixes, such as adding coolant, changing flats, and re-charging batteries. If required, the truck can push a stalled vehicle off the road, or pull a car to safety.