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Construction Project Updates

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Old Alabama Road Trail & Bike Lane

Old Alabama Road Trail

Latest Update (Feb. 9, 2024)

Crews have poured several portions of the trail and are working on installing the trail from the tree path to Autrey Mill Nature Preserve. Throughout the next few weeks, crews will work on final grading and landscaping. Paving is scheduled for early March, weather permitting. The pedestrian island and last remaining section of the trail (ADA ramp) at Spruill Road are expected to be completed next month. Construction is expected to be complete in the spring.

Medlock Bridge Road intersection improvements with Bell Road, Abbotts Bridge Road, and Skyway Drive

Medlock Bridge at Abbotts Bridge
Latest update (Feb. 16, 2024):

Crews continue construction work on the Medlock Bridge Road intersection improvement project with Bell Road, Abbotts Bridge Road, and Skyway Drive.

The project includes re-striping lanes on Medlock Bridge Road to add a third lane in both directions between Bell Road to Skyway Drive, which will help alleviate traffic congestion and improve pedestrian connectivity in the area.
New curb has been installed along Medlock Bridge Road and crews are finalizing the storm drainpipe installation along northbound Medlock Bridge Road near Skyway Drive. They are beginning to work on the next section of pipe installation on the southbound Medlock Bridge Road near Johns Creek Commons / Bell Road.
Additional widening and concrete work will begin for the reconfiguration of the northwest corner of Abbotts Bridge Road (near Bank of America) and Medlock Bridge Road. In the next few weeks, traffic signal reconfiguration will begin for the intersections of Medlock Bridge with Skyway Drive, Abbotts Bridge Road, and Bell Road.
Construction is expected to be completed in late spring 2024.

Barnwell Road at Holcomb Bridge Road

Latest update (Feb. 2, 2024):


Barnwell Reopens

Crews began paving along Barnwell Road this week as part of the Barnwell Road at Holcomb Bridge Road intersection improvement project. The concrete for the sidewalk connections at the pedestrian bridge along Barnwell Road were poured and the new turn lane on the west side of the intersection was completed this week.

Crews will complete final paving and are installing temporary striping next week. Permanent striping will be placed after the asphalt cures following a 14-day period. Crews will complete the brick sidewalk on the west side of the intersection in front of the bank near the Ellard neighborhood entrance. Pedestrian buttons for the crosswalk at Ellard and signal detection in the new pavement will be installed.

Construction is expected to be complete in late February.

Creekside Park Phase 1 Trail project

Creekside Park Trail Phase 1
The Creekside Park Phase 1 Trail project is now complete! 

The project, which created a trail connection from Medlock Bridge Road to the interior of Creekside Park adjacent to the Hyatt Place Hotel, amplifies the City’s commitment to pedestrian connectivity in the Town Center area. It’s also an opportunity for incorporating a healthy lifestyle and improved quality of life in our community, which is emerging as a leader in health, wellness, and innovation.

The City also celebrated the installation of a new public art piece, “Ferns,” located adjacent to the trail. Created by artists Julia Hill and Chelsea Darling, the art piece features iron salvaged from the historic former Rogers Bridge over the Chattahoochee River. “Ferns” was made possible through the partnership and collaborative efforts of the Johns Creek Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Johns Creek Recreation & Parks Advisory Committee, and the Johns Creek Arts, Cultural, and Entertainment Committee.

This trail connection project represents the first phase of Creekside Park construction, which reimagines and activates roughly 20 acres of existing City land in Town Center to include a constructed wetland area (within the existing south pond area) connected up to Creekside Park’s north pond (behind City Hall) by a 15’ wide trail. Additional elements surrounding the pond will include terraced seating, an amphitheater with a deck over the water, and a small playground.

Creekside Park construction is expected to begin in late summer.

Haynes Bridge Road at Old Alabama Road: Complete!

Haynes Bridge at Old Alabama
Latest update: (Dec. 23, 2023): 
The Haynes Bridge Road at Old Alabama Road intersection improvement project is now complete! City staff marked the project’s completion with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday. The project, which included the addition of dedicated turn lanes, assists in reducing congestion and allow more turning traffic to move through the intersection. The project also improved pedestrian connectivity along the corridor.

Jones Bridge Road Widening (Waters Road to State Bridge Road)

Jones Bridge Road
Latest update: (Jan. 26, 2024)

Crews continue laying the waterlines and storm drains and are working on installing curb, gutter, sidewalk, and retaining walls. Utility relocations are underway. Crews will continue storm drain installation as well as curb, sidewalk, and driveways in February.

Jones Bridge Road trail & bike lane

Jones Bridge Road Trail
Latest update (Nov. 17, 2023):

Crews have completed the sidewalk installation and sod has been placed throughout most of the project area. Construction continues on the retaining wall on the west side of the road. Crews will overlay asphalt on the roadway in the coming weeks.


Medlock Bridge Road at Johns Creek Parkway

Johns Creek Parkway at Medlock Bridge Road
Latest update (Sept. 29, 2023):

Construction Project Progress: Crews have completed most of the bio-retention and drainage projects as part of the Medlock Bridge Road at Johns Creek Parkway intersection improvement project, which serves as one of the gateways leading into the Johns Creek Town Center area. 

Construction continues on the curb, gutter, retaining wall, and sidewalk. The sidewalk will eventually tie into Creekside Park, which is located north of the intersection on the east side of Medlock Bridge Road. Construction began last week on the first phase of Creekside Park, which includes a trail connection from Medlock Bridge Road to the interior of Creekside Park adjacent to the Hyatt Place Hotel.

Throughout the next several weeks, crews will work on the intersection widening, traffic signal upgrades, and guardrail.  The project is expected to be complete in 2024.


Brumbelow Road HAWK light beacon

HAWK light
Latest Update: Ot. 26, 2023
The Brumbelow Road High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk (HAWK) light project is now complete!  Mayor John Bradberry, City staff, Recreation & Parks Advisory Committee members, and Mount Pisgah Christian School staff and students marked the project completion with a ribbon cutting ceremony this week. The HAWK beacon project on Brumbelow Road provides a safe, signalized, mid-block pedestrian crossing from the Mount Pisgah Athletic Campus to Newtown Park. The project included a new mast arm pole with overhead beacons, pedestrian-activated push buttons and ADA-compliant ramps on both sides of the road, as well as a pedestrian path to provide access from the ramps and sidewalk to the park trail. 

Taylor Road Turn Lane

Taylor Road Turn Lane
Latest Update: (Aug. 3, 2023)
When students head back to Chattahoochee High School on Monday, Aug. 7, they’ll find a new left turn lane has been installed on Taylor Road. Since the groundbreaking in June, the City has worked diligently to get the project done for the start of school. The Taylor Road left turn lane project is important because by adding the capacity to queue vehicles, it removes turning vehicles from the travel lanes and relieves congestion for residents that live in the neighborhoods off Taylor Road who had been getting stuck in traffic behind students waiting to turn into school.