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Neighborhood Repaving

The City of Johns Creek has embarked on a long-term plan to repave and maintain its neighborhood streets. Good neighborhood streets are an economic development asset because they protect property values and improve residents’ quality of life.

We request patience while construction is going on in your subdivision and on your street. These are temporary inconveniences, but the results will be long-term.

Please do not park on the street during the repaving process. Please turn off your sprinkler system. Be advised the contractor may need to temporarily park equipment on the street.

Since 2015, the City has repaved 111 subdivisions. The City increased funding for the project from $1.5 million to $5 million in Fiscal Year 2016 in an effort to accelerate the repaving program timeline by a year, completing a 5-year paving in four years. 

In 2018, a consultant drove a specially equipped vehicle down each of Johns Creek’s streets to gauge their conditions.  Using that data as a guide, the Public Works staff developed a repaving plan for the City’s subdivisions. 

The physical survey of city streets revealed that many of them had a substandard Pavement Quality Index (PQI), a scale developed by the Corps of Engineers to measure cracking, potholes, rutting, weathering and other factors. Low PQI scores reflect poor condition of pavement. The lower the PQI score, the higher the ranking when scheduling the repaving.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to call City Hall at 678-512-3200. For updates or more information, look on the City's website homepage, or follow us on Facebook. You can also download our free app called JC Now, available at iPhone and Android app stores.