Light Fixture Design Survey

Thank you to all who participated in the Light Fixture Design Survey! Please see the results at the bottom of this page. If you would like to submit questions/comments, please call 678-512-3200 or email

The Johns Creek City Council is seeking input regarding the selection of the type of light fixtures for the Kimball Bridge Road widening project. Light poles will be placed along Kimball Bridge Road between Old Milton Parkway and Jones Bridge Road, as part of the overall road project, to improve motorist and pedestrian safety.

Please select whether you prefer a pendant design or pole design. Then, select the design you prefer from the options listed below. The light fixture on a pole design is at the top, and the light fixture on a pendant design is hanging away from the pole.   

Pole #1

Pole #2

Pole #3

Pole #4

Pendant #1

Pendant #2

Pendant #3

Pendant #4


Survey Results:

1. Do you prefer pole lights of pendant lights?

Pole: 32%
Pendant: 68%

Pole Vs. Pendant


2. Please indicate which light fixture design you prefer:

All fixtures results