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Abbotts Bridge: Parsons to Medlock Bridge

Project Current Phase:

Awaiting construction funds


Abbotts Bridge Road - Parsons Road to Medlock Bridge Road



 SR 120 / Abbotts Bridge Road, Parsons road to Medlock Bridge Road


Improving safety of vehicular, pedestrian, and bike travel


City of Johns Creek, GDOT


Right-of-Way completed in 2021, Construction in 2022

Current Issues:

  • Lack of safe ingress/egress and poor visibility when entering roadway
  • Low walkability and multi-modal accessibility to the shopping center, elementary school, golf course, and regional library on Abbots Bridge

Proposed Solution:

  • Operational and safety roadway improvements that will improve traffic flow and safety and allow for pedestrian and bike accessibility
    • Add medians, improve turn lanes, and add sidewalks and bike lanes on both sides of the road
  • Funding needed: $13.8 million for construction

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