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Public Works is dedicated to moving people – in vehicles, on bikes and on foot – in Johns Creek efficiently, safely and cost-effectively. The Public Works team is responsible for planning, constructing, maintaining, and maximizing the City’s transportation system, including 252 miles of roads, 20 bridges, and about 81 miles of trails and sidewalks along major roads. Public Works also oversees privately owned solid waste haulers operating in the City, helps handle drainage issues and supervises the Recreation & Parks Division.

An estimated 53 percent of all traffic in Johns Creek originates and ends outside of the City. The Public Works Department works diligently adding more lanes, improving intersections, building roundabouts where appropriate and installing traffic signals where that makes sense. To get the most out of our roads’ capacity, the City uses sophisticated software for traffic signal timing, re-striping, flashing yellow signals, a partnership with Waze, and other techniques.