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Citizens Auxiliary Police Services (CAPS)

Members of the Citizen Auxiliary Police Services (CAPS) assist police in multiple ways, handling many necessary functions that don't require a law enforcement officer.

CAPSCAPS members, who are not sworn officers assist in tasks such as: community programs, directing traffic, patrolling parks, conducting residential checks, and helping with administrative work.

CAPS officers are identified by a grey polo shirt and black pants. They can be seen driving a white Crown Victoria with Citizens Auxiliary Patrol on the side. CAPS personnel are instructed not to confront criminals, but to report violations of law by radio.

CAPS participants must be a graduate of the Citizens Police Academy and pass a background investigation, interview, and 20 hours of specialized training. Their training consists of, but is not limited to:
  • CPR Certification / AED / Basic First Aid
  • Radio Communications
  • Basic Traffic Law and Legal Concepts
  • Basic Traffic Direction Drocedures
  • Departmental Policies and Procedures / Code of Conduct / Ethics
  • GCIC Regulations and Information Dissemination / Security & Integrity
  • Vehicle Operations
  • Defensive Tactics
For more information, call Sgt. Dimitri Caldwell at 678-474-1566 or email Community Services.