September 2017

As 2017 continues to move along at a seemingly rapid pace, the City Council and staff continue to push forward with decisions and plans designed to transform Johns Creek’s future into an even more exceptional premier residential community than what we have become in our first ten years.

With the significant acquisitions of park land last year and the City’s most recent land purchase in June, our inventory of available park land has grown to more than 400 acres, citywide.  This exceptional effort was to take advantage of opportunities to purchase valuable and vanishing raw land in Johns Creek for all citizens to enjoy.  Following the City Council’s vote to proceed, the City Staff is currently working with outside contractors to develop construction designs for the pocket parks at State Bridge Road and Bell and Boles Road, the Morton Road neighborhood park, and the linear park in Technology Park. Each of these mini-parks will have its own unique personality, activities and reference to the surrounding area.

Our sixth new park, Quail Hollow, adjoins Cauley Creek, which combined dedicates more than 190 acres along the Chattahoochee River near the Abbotts Bridge Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area to our parks system.  This represents a unique opportunity within this large area to carefully plan for both active and passive recreation and to make the best use of the land for all our citizens.   As we move forward, we expect to take additional time to develop a concept for public review before we are ready to move forward with construction documents.  

We will walk hand-in-hand with our citizens to plan our parks together, so your input is instrumental.  We are counting on additional input and suggestions once the construction designs are ready for your review.  We will be sure to keep you informed via our various social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, and NextDoor), as well as through other communications channels.

The City also continues its work in coordination with the City of Duluth on the historic Rogers Bridge restoration project across the Chattahoochee River.  Once complete, the new bridge will connect park facilities for pedestrians and cyclists in Johns Creek to Duluth’s Rogers Bridge Park and dog park, to add even more recreational opportunities for our residents.

Our goal is to keep pace with the growing and changing needs of our residents with the construction of five new parks, the refurbishment of our four existing parks, and increased recreational opportunities within our community.

Another critical area that is always in our focus is how best to mitigate traffic congestion in Johns Creek.  It has remained the number 1 issue in the City in recent years as surrounding municipalities continue rapid growth.  Forsyth County alone is one of the fastest growing counties in the nation, which makes Johns Creek a natural pass through community for many motorists.

With this in mind, the City Council made the decision last fall to develop a series of traffic mitigation, or TSPLOST projects, which are geared toward providing relief to our residents as the top priority.  We will take this journey together, as there are no plans that have been finalized at this stage.  As with our parks plans, your involvement and feedback will help steer our final decisions toward the best balanced outcome.  We also intend to coordinate each of our projects with neighboring municipalities to help ensure traffic flows as efficiently and safely as possible.  The net effect being improved ease of movement for the residents of Johns Creek.

The exact timing of the projects has yet to be set so we encourage you to continue to provide your feedback for each of the projects.  We will continue to update our website homepage so that you are informed of the latest improvements and project plans, so be sure to visit regularly to stay on top of all developments throughout the City. 

The City Council and I greatly appreciate every opportunity we have to engage with you, and ask that you continue to let us hear from you and encourage others to participate in the process of shaping an even greater future for our exceptional City.