November 2017


Johns Creek recently received another two notable accolades being named as one of the most successful cities in Georgia, and for the second consecutive year, recognized as the fourth best city to live in America.

As impressive as the two accolades are on their own, it is even more remarkable when reflecting on the many superlative lists Johns Creek has been recognized in over the past couple of years.  From the safest city and tops in education to premier residential living, Johns Creek continues to be a highly sought out community in which to live, work, and play.

It is important to point out that these key attributes did not happen on their own.  As a community, we made it happen together.  We carved out our own piece of Fulton County ten years ago and decided to chart our own course as an incorporated city.

We built our own Police and Fire departments with a focused effort on staffing each with the best leadership, personnel, and equipment.  We filled the offices of City Hall with some of the most experienced and highly dedicated professionals any city could hope for.  We have more than doubled our available greenspace to expand our parks and recreational opportunities, and we are actively working on long-term solutions to our growing traffic congestion challenge.  As parents, we remain actively involved in the schools within the City, which directly contributes to consistent national recognition in academic excellence. 

Together we have made some remarkable strides in a relatively short period of time to set ourselves apart from arguably any city in the region.  However, these gains will all be for naught without your continued input and engagement in the process to plan for our future.

Many of you may be aware of our ongoing process to make significant changes to the City’s Comprehensive Plan, which is an important document that, as stated, seeks to preserve and protect residential neighborhoods and carefully manage future development growth.
The Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC), which has been hard at work on the plan for nearly a year, is using resident feedback from the most recent draft version to not only significantly update the current draft, but to also improve the readability and presentation of the next.  Key changes include reducing the number of community or “character” areas from 12 down to eight.  Residents who reside in each character area will have a tailored plan for redevelopment, parks, roadways, trails, and other activities that directly impact where they live.  

In general, the CAC has heard you loud and clear regarding the desire to minimize growth and density.  To that end, if the plan is fully realized, growth will average less than two units per acre of density moving forward.  For example, the Shakerag character area, which is now combined with the McGinnis Ferry character area, will see a reduction in units per acre from three down to one.  In another example, the CAC has reduced the Holcomb Bridge Road Commercial Shopping Center from a proposed high intensity mixed use area to low intensity.  The CAC has taken this same approach with each character area as well.  

While the City is not required to complete the Comprehensive Plan update until November 2018, I ask that you please provide feedback and input as soon as the next draft is available, which we anticipate will be in the early part of 2018.  We will be sure to notify you through all of our social media channels and local media as soon as the draft is ready for your review.  We all know how quickly time can pass with our very busy lives and before you know it, the City Council will need to make a final decision on the plan.

The same deliberate planning and focus that was used to build this exceptional City will also be required to ensure Johns Creek remains a premier residential community well into the future.  Please remain active and involved throughout the process.  This is our community, and it will take a collective focused effort to sustain the path of success we have forged together.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me direct with your thoughts, ideas, or concerns you may have.

Mayor Mike Bodker