November 2016

Every four years we are faced with the same critical decision of who to elect as the President of the United States.  We the people are provided the power to select the leader of the most powerful nation in the world.  When you consider what this truly means it is really very awe inspiring.
Our leader, for better or worse, is the most scrutinized in the world.  Every move, every word, and every action is watched and analyzed closely.  Your vote has the power to elect and empower an individual with the power to change and alter the course of history for our nation and most of the world.
Over the course of the last two centuries a lot of blood was shed to guarantee and protect the right you have to participate in this process.  To ensure you have the right to let your voice be heard through the power of the vote. 
Each election cycle brings a range of intrigue and emotions that leaves most very tired and weary by the time we reach Election Day, which is more than understandable.  This election cycle in particular has been particularly frustrating.  However, despite the frustration, I refused to consider giving in to anger or apathy, and remained focused instead on my right and my responsibility as an American citizen to vote.
I am encouraged and motivated each time I recognize that I have an opportunity to impact every level of government from federal all the way down to the local level.  From selecting political leaders to deciding on important referendums such as our Parks Bond and the Transportation Local Option Sales Tax or TSPLOST, it is the one time each election cycle that every voice carries equal weight and influence.
My hope is that you embrace this awesome responsibility we each have to impact the direction we head as a community and as a nation.  Never underestimate the cumulative power of the vote and knowing that your individual participation does make a difference on the outcome.    
I voted and I encourage each of you to do the same.  If there was ever a time more important than now to let your voice be heard, I cannot think of it.  There is simply too much at stake for the future of our nation and the future of the generations that follow to sit on the sidelines and watch others determine this fate for you.
Please take the time to study the candidates, the issues, and decisions on the ballot and get out and vote as the first step.  Next, follow the process and remain engaged by letting your elected officials know how you feel about the job they are doing and the direction they are leading you.  Finally, please remain actively engaged on the issues and decisions facing your community in between election cycles.
Set the example for those who struggle with whether or not to be engaged in the process.  It does matter, it does count, and you do make a difference.