May 2020

Over the past month and a half our city, state and country have gone through one of the most difficult, challenging and heartbreaking periods in recent memory and, for most, our lifetimes. For many of us, our worlds have been turned upside down, as we’ve experienced tremendous change, concern, anxiety, and in some cases tragic loss, economic hardships, and devastating circumstances. Our Johns Creek family has weathered what has been a difficult and monumental storm. One we won’t soon forget and one which may extend into the summer.
As a city, like many of you, we’ve had to adjust to a different day-to-day but have worked diligently to keep operations resourceful and continued. The real heroes are our first responders and front line personnel, sacrificing long hours and putting themselves in danger to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our residents and businesses. Our gratitude, support, and our creative efforts have offered some assistance. But these heroes continue to give selflessly to help others, to ensure the lives of many can continue even through this tragic time.
To each and every one of our Police, Fire, and emergency responders – THANK YOU! To all of our healthcare workers, hospital staff, caregivers, and testing site technicians – THANK YOU! To all our retail and grocery store workers, and our small business owners, and our cooks and servers - THANK YOU!
We are a stronger community because of your valiant and heroic efforts. Because of you, Johns Creek stands together throughout the adversity in front of us all.
And to our residents, I appreciate all you’ve done throughout the pandemic to shelter in place, follow CDC and Georgia Department of Health guidelines, and adhere to the newly created state orders and our own Johns Creek emergency ordinances. Keep up the fight and remain at home whenever possible so we can help mitigate the spread of the disease and reduce the opportunity for further infections.
And while many of our parks have closed, and numerous city events have been cancelled or postponed, I would ask each and every member of the Johns Creek community to respect the needs and desires of others around you who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Understand that another’s life or family may have been affected in a deep and  perhaps heartbreaking manner. Our kindness, support, volunteering, and assistance goes a long way in helping those around us cope with the loss or challenges the pandemic has brought into our lives.
Please continue to be considerate, patient and practice social distancing and hygiene guidelines as outlined by the CDC. Please continue to help support local businesses. Please continue to care for those around you and ask your neighbors if they need anything or if they’re doing alright. All actions mean a lot.
And if you are in need, please visit the vast resources we have linked to on the city’s COVID-19 Resources page.
Our combined strength will help to bring forth a stronger and closer tomorrow.