May 2017

As Mayor, I get a lot of questions that I am more than willing and able to answer on a number of topics related to our City.  But, one question I would like to pose to you is, what method or means can we put forth that would motivate you to become more engaged with your local government?  Seems like it may be an easy question, but more and more we ask and make available multiple paths of communication and still receive a small percentage of our over approximately 82,000 citizens in response.  How can we make this better? The reason for me asking is that we are at a critical time in our short 10 year history as significant projects will be moving forward this year that require your attention and understanding. 

First, let’s refresh how we arrived at the two most transformational initiatives that will affect each and every citizen of our city.  Late last summer and early fall the City put forth two measures on the general election ballot box that will have profound effects for Johns Creek in the years to come.  One measure was a Parks Bond to modernize our entire parks system, and the other was TSPLOST to fund road construction projects designed to mitigate increasing traffic congestion.  Related to both measures, which passed, information was provided on the construction of five new parks and the refurbishment of four existing parks, as well as information regarding traffic congestion relief projects for every major artery in the City, respectively.

For our parks system, concept designs for the five new parks were placed online with links sent to the public along with a request for input or additional ideas, or for any questions and concerns that you may have.  To date, we have also conducted five public meetings to discuss each topic as well.  We hope you had an opportunity to attend.  To those that could, I hope you found the designs to be an exciting first step and up to par with our continual efforts in maintaining our premier residential character.

Now we are ready to take the next step and, again we ask that you review the concept plans, paying close attention to those that either have the most direct impact on you or those that you may have a more personal interest.

As we move from concept design to final design and then on to construction, we will continue to provide updated information and opportunities for community feedback.  This process will include design meetings with the public, posting updated proposed plans and related information online, and continuously notifying the public as to the latest information as each phase progresses.

In the end, our goal is to a build out and refurbish the nine parks in our system to support the needs, desires, and abilities of our multigenerational community.  When you consider we have secured over 300 acres of park land in our city, there is no doubt these plans will transform our city into becoming more active, connected and rich in spirit.  

Now onto our favorite topic…traffic. With respect to transportation related projects, the residents and businesses of Johns Creek remain our top priority.  Each project is designed to help our residents move throughout the City as safely and as quickly as possible. We are continually looking for innovative or tried and true methods at every level.  Sometimes a simple curb improvement or opening a turn lane solves issues, but the reality is with the tremendous growth in every surrounding jurisdiction, we need to partner with our neighbors to find good alternatives to our collective transportation needs to keep people moving.  On top of that, we are always working to improve the timing of our signals through our Intelligent Traffic System (ITS).

My pledge to you is that regardless of the project, the residents of Johns Creek will remain at the forefront throughout the planning, design, and construction process, and we will continue to work with you to mitigate the impact projects have on your quality of life.

I’d like for you to take the challenge and get engaged!  We have questionnaires, surveys and meeting notices online for your participation at your convenience.  Once again, please continue to review our concept designs for our parks and transportation projects and provide feedback.  Even a “looks great” helps!  

Also, if you have not already done so, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and sign up for your neighborhood Nextdoor site to help remain informed with latest on each project.  My email is or call 678-451-3313 and I am always honored to reply to you personally or to forward to staff for a timely response in all matters important to you.  

I’ve dubbed 2017 as a year of transformation.  And that, it will be. Your input, involvement, and understanding of how these plans will affect your home, your quality of life, your neighborhood and our future is paramount. Let this year be a transformational year that we will all be proud of and one that you helped to make happen.