May 2016

2016 marks a special milestone in the history of Johns Creek as nearly ten years ago our referendum was approved by over 70 percent of the voters to become a City.  And since that time, we have walked this path together. We shared a common goal to meet our fate and create what would be the ultimate in self-determination.  We have evolved into a city where we made our own rules to follow and set goals that set us apart.  

As we have grown into an even more exceptional community during this relatively short period, we have much to celebrate.  Widely sought after residential living, highly acclaimed medical facilities, and premier municipal services are at the forefront of our success.  Top schools that are nationally recognized for academic excellence; safest large city in the state; world class golf and tennis; 300 acres of park land and growing; and a high standard of life.   

Over the last two years we have been refining our brand, “Be the Exception.” There is no better representation of this ideal than the high quality people who are continuously drawn to this city to live and establish businesses.  Our residents and business owners come from all over the nation and the world.  This diversity of culture and ideas is the foundation of our strength, and it will continue to propel us to even greater heights than we have already achieved.

As we enter our second decade as an incorporated city, the City Council worked together to outline a new vision and mission that we believe will keep Johns Creek on the path of long-term sustainability.

Our new mission is quite simple.  To be an exceptional city.  The goal was to have a simple, yet aspirational mission statement of which all things could be judged. Sounds simple, yet it requires a tremendous amount of effort to maintain, but that is what you expect and deserve.
Our vision states that Johns Creek strives to provide for an exceptional residential community with ease of movement throughout, an alive town center, and a vibrant business community. 

The City Council devised six key goals in support of our mission and vision and will closely measure progress and refine our efforts as necessary.  The goals include a focus on providing a comprehensive Transportation network that facilitates ease of movement throughout the city; ensure a complete Recreation and Parks system that aligns with the goals and needs of our community; implement a holistic Economic Development plan approach that addresses infrastructure, workforce, community, and land development needs; develop an innovative and cost effective approach to exceptional service delivery through a focus on Government Efficiency; support and invest in Public Safety; and Preserve our Residential Character and Enhance our Sense of Community.

We encourage the public to remain engaged with us as we walk along this path together.  You have a voice and it needs to be heard.  Let’s continue to write our own history as we began this journey 10 years ago and prove each and every day that we are, and will continue to be nothing less than an exceptional city.

Mayor Mike Bodker