June 2018

Much like the famous Napoleon Bonaparte quote, “an army marches on its stomach,” which describes a lesser known but nonetheless critical component of what makes it strong, a city’s streets are critical to its strength. 
Streets are not something that immediately jump to mind when many think of strong and healthy cities.  More natural thoughts are of well-manicured lawns and medians, clean parks, impressive signage, or well-maintained homes and office buildings.  It is sometimes more about what you see ahead of and around you, as opposed to what is directly under your feet.
However, streets are literally the foundation that both connect us and get us to where we need to go.  While pot holes can be annoying and create damage to our vehicles, and cracks in the road simply look bad, maintaining our roads at a high standard does much more than give us one less thing to complain about.  An effective repaving program helps to both enhance curb appeal and property values, both of which contribute to the making of a strong and healthy city.       
As such, the City Council embarked on an aggressive repaving program in Fiscal Year 2016 designed to take care of our neighborhood streets that suffered years of neglect under Fulton County prior to the city’s incorporation.  That year, the City Council increased funding for the project from $1.5 million to $5 million in an effort to accelerate the repaving program timeline by a year.
I am pleased to announce that the city has now kicked off its fourth and final year, of what began as a 5-year city-wide repaving program, and our Public Works Department is on track to complete the program by the end of this year. 
Work crews are slated to pave 30 additional neighborhoods this year.  To view the entire list for 2018 please visit the City’s repaving website page
Once 2018 is in the books and as long as the weather cooperates, Public Works will have repaved 107 neighborhoods throughout Johns Creek in four years.  Simply amazing and great job by all those involved who worked so hard to help improve the infrastructure of our city. 
Prior to approving funding for the program, the City first had to develop a prioritized list of neighborhoods to repave.  This process actually began in 2014, when it used a consultant with a specially equipped vehicle to drive each of Johns Creek's streets to gauge their conditions through a physical survey. The resulting data from this survey served as a guide for the Public Works staff to develop a repaving plan for the City's subdivisions.
The guide relied on what is known as a Pavement Quality Index (PQI), which is a 1-100 scale developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to measure cracking, potholes, rutting, weathering and other factors.   Low PQI scores reflect a lower condition of the pavement, which means the lower the PQI score, the higher the priority when scheduling the repaving.  The City Council set the PQI bar for Johns Creek at a minimum of 65.
So, you may ask, what’s next and are we finished with repaving at the end of this year?  The answer is absolutely not.  In fact, our Public Works department recently completed another physical survey of each of our neighborhood streets and is currently developing an updated repaving plan to present to the City Council in the coming months. 
As long as our infrastructure remains strong, Johns Creek will as well, and the City Council is fully committed to maintaining its support of this important program as our exceptional city continues its march forward.