January 2019

Happy New Year and welcome to 2019! As the calendar turns, we are offered a new beginning, a chance to be exceptional. Our city is filled with a renewed sense of possibilities as we embark into 2019.  This year is an opportunity for new beginnings and further establishing our home, a unique sense of place that is wholly Johns Creek. 

Three major programs highlight the year ahead: our new City Hall construction/renovation, the implementation of the Parks Bond, and the city’s foray into the TSPLOST infrastructure initiative. 

Today, we are approximately three quarters of the way to completion on the new City Hall buildout. This is a tremendous achievement and helps establish a true city center and municipal complex which will be home to city administration, fire, municipal court, and police. Our new complex (located at 11360 Lakefield Drive, Johns Creek, GA 30097) will provide distinct customer service advantages for residents and businesses. We are eager to move in and anticipate being in the building by late spring of 2019. 

The renovated three-story building is on 26 acres of land and future plans, part of the city’s newly adopted 2018 Comprehensive Plan, include a linear park adjacent to the lakes and a new “Town Center” area. This new area is envisioned to be a central feature of our new city and home to a lively mixed-use, live-work-play development.

Two years ago, the voters in Johns Creek approved issuance of a $40 million bond for recreation and park improvements (Park Bond prioritizations). We’ve achieved initial success through the acquisition of new park space (Quail Hollow and Cauley Creek) and have completed improvements at existing facilities (turf fields at Newtown and Shakerag parks as well as the Autrey Mill Nature Preserve farm museum renovation.) 

We also usher in the completion of additional parks bond projects including the Autrey Mill bus turn around and parking lot improvement and the relocation of the historic smokehouse to Autrey Mill. We now have a completed design for the Rogers Bridge replacement over the Chattahoochee River and anticipate construction documents on four of the city’s future parks (the linear park at the new City Hall complex, pocket parks at Bells/Boles and at State Bridge, and the Morton Road neighborhood park.)

Voters in Johns Creek and throughout Fulton County outside of Atlanta approved a TSPLOST (0.75-cent) increase in the existing sales tax over a five year collection period) which will specifically fund transportation projects (TSPLOST projects) aimed at traffic congestion relief. Allowing traffic to efficiently flow within our transportation network is a critical need for our community. 

The city is in the early stages of moving TSPLOST projects forward and has been active in right-of-way negotiations for two important projects: the intersection at Barnwell Road and Holcomb Bridge and along State Bridge Road (from Medlock Bridge to the Chattahoochee River). In addition to these projects, later this year City Council will have an opportunity to review and advance preliminary concepts to engineered drawings for the plans for the Bell/Boles Corridor.

Another important program vital to the exceptional stability of our city’s infrastructure is the planned stormwater system assessment, enabling the city to appropriately determine the overall health and condition of the stormwater basins. This is an important part of the city’s overall stormwater management plan to address the potential for land erosion and flooding before these risks occur. 

Planned expenditures within the Fiscal Year 2019 Budget to advance leading levels of public safety include $2.6 million for construction of a fourth fire station and $400,000 for police department body-worn cameras. Investments in quality of life include $2.7 million in road resurfacing, and $1 million in new sidewalks.

As you can see, we have a number of beneficial and community-centered programs and initiatives in place for the year ahead. The City will continue to provide the high-level, high-quality services desired by our residents. We remain committed to completing necessary infrastructure maintenance while allocating resources to forward community priorities.

As always, you can view the FY 2019 budget documents and presentation on the City’s website.

Let’s all work toward our exceptional potential as we begin 2019. Throughout the year, please don’t hesitate reach out to me to ask questions or provide your input on our activities and events. You can always reach me either by email mike.bodker@johnscreekga.gov or phone 678-451-3313.