December 2018

As we embark on colder weather, holiday celebrations, and special time with family and friends, we are also provided with a time to pause and reflect on the past year. 

Let’s take a brief look back at the exceptional accomplishments, achievements, and celebrations we in the City of Johns Creek experienced in 2018 and what they mean for our community.

Johns Creek Comprehensive Plan 2018-2028: Johns Creek City Council adopted the city’s 2018 Comprehensive Plan at its Oct. 8 meeting, a major planning achievement which helps protect and preserve our residential communities and enhance our overall quality of life. 

The plan will guide the city’s future growth over the next 10 years. This is a win for our residents and businesses as we now have an approved roadmap to nurture our natural environment, historic resources, citywide multi-modal transportation network exceptional recreational and cultural activities. 

To get a better sense of the depth and reach contained within the 2018 Comprehensive Plan you can visit and explore the exciting future in store.

Recreation & Parks and New City Hall:  Our parks are exceptional and have become some of our city’s most impressive assets. In 2018 and moving forward the city identified a list of prioritized park projects including construction of new park properties (purchased in 2016 and 2017) with Park Bond funds. 

The primary benefits of the Park Bond prioritizations include the acquisition of additional park land; expansion of recreational facilities; addition of multi-purpose turf athletic fields; planning for a city-wide recreational greenway/trail system; and, improvements to existing facility maintenance.

A key component of the linked to the Comprehensive Plan and future park development is the development of the city’s future City Hall, the adjacent Linear Park and the planned Town Center. The new City Hall building sits adjacent to the new 20-acre Linear Park the city will develop over the next few years.

This new facility and park will be a tremendous asset and catalyst for the area. The city currently leases space in two separate buildings (City Hall and Johns Creek Police Department/Municipal Court). The move to a consolidated facility will ultimately save taxpayer funds and provide an efficient building for City Hall, Police, Fire and Court to serve the citizens.

Important Infrastructure & TSPLOST Project Achievements: The Johns Creek Public Works Department has finished its fourth round of repaving neighborhood streets providing residents with smooth streets and enhanced curb appeal. The Public Works Department has done an exceptional job continuing this program and repaving crews resurfaced 34.13 miles of streets in 30 subdivisions

In addition to reaching paving milestones, the city also put a number of pedestrian improvements in place including the completion of another sidewalk project, located along Brumbelow Road. 

City transportation engineers/planners worked with a team of consultants to draft a list of TSPLOST projects, which were approved by the City Council and prioritized into three categories or Tier-level projects.  Tier 1, the top priority, has 12 projects and Tier 2 includes two projects. A comprehensive list of the TSPLOST projects can be found on the city website. 

The Fiscal Year (FY)2019 budget ensures that the city will continue to provide the high-level, high-quality services desired by our residents. The FY2019 budget forwards the City Council’s commitment to completing necessary infrastructure maintenance while allocating resources to forward community priorities.
Additionally, the FY2019 budget focuses on addressing stormwater and its impact on the community. The adopted budget includes $250,000 to continue the stormwater system assessment and sets aside over $1 million towards future stormwater improvement projects anticipated to be identified and prioritized through the study.

From new pocket parks to an exciting new City Hall and Town Center, 2019 has numerous exceptional high points in store for all residents and visitors. 

I hope everyone in our great city experiences the spirit and joy of the holiday season. May 2019 bring special time with friends and family, and success in all of your endeavors. Also, please don’t hesitate reach out to me to ask questions or provide your input on our activities and events. You can always reach me either by email or phone 678-451-3313.