April 2019

Spring blossoms, spring break, spring forward, spring awakening, spring in your step…

There are numerous clichés and adages about this time of year and most all point to rebirth, new beginnings and welcomed change. What’s exceptional is that Johns Creek is blooming this spring as well.

Starting with city projects and plans to the city moving into its new City Hall, we are all in store for improvements and new beginnings.

Kicking it off, I’m extremely proud to say the city is officially in its new home. The City of Johns Creek officially opened operations in its new city hall the last week of March. The recently renovated and upgraded, 75,000 square foot, state-of-the-art municipal complex at 11360 Lakefield Drive, Johns Creek, GA 30097 is now open to serve the residents, businesses and visitors of Johns Creek. 

In February of 2017 the city purchased a seven-acre property with an existing office building to establish a permanent location for a Johns Creek City Hall and Municipal Complex.  The move to a consolidated facility is expected to ultimately save taxpayer funds while providing an efficient building for City Hall, Police, Fire and Court to serve residents and businesses. 

This exciting new phase is another achievement in the ever-exceptional story of a great city -- a new city hall for the people of Johns Creek. This tremendous accomplishment could not have been completed without the dedicated efforts and oversight of our city staff. I am grateful for their hard work to help establish a true city center and municipal complex.

Continuing to bloom, the city is starting strong in the month of April with a number of key infrastructure improvements. The Public Works team has started initial improvements at one of the city’s busiest intersections: Medlock Bridge Road at State Bridge Road. The city received Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) approval to remove a pedestrian island and convert the southbound right turn lane on Medlock Bridge to a through lane. This improvement will continue to help move traffic through the intersection during peak hours.

With all the recent rains and wet weather and freezes, our roads have been experiencing a spring emergence of potholes. After working with GDOT to fix a number of potholes along State Route 141 and State Route 120, crews have continued the inspection and identification of potholes throughout the city in an effort to quickly patch and repair. Throughout the month of March, city crews filled over 200 small and medium sized potholes on city streets not managed by GDOT. 

Residents who would like to report potholes can contact the city at 678-512-3200 and notify us of a needed issue for repair. You can call this number 24 hours a day/ seven days a week to report any issues (except for emergencies) you may see in our city. We appreciate our residents letting us know if additional potholes appear after storms or weather events. The city will launch a new mobile phone app in the next month which will allow for efficient and expeditious issue reporting and timely repairs. Keep an eye out for our upcoming announcement and rollout.

We are also implementing additional safety features in and around our schools. Johns Creek is serious about school zone safety and recently installed 34 overhead flashers on speed limit signs within school zones throughout the city. These flashers alert drivers and help improve the overall effectiveness of speed signs during incremental weather and overcast climates. It is important for all drivers to remember to drive safely and be aware of speeds and pedestrian activity in our school zones.

In addition to our roads, the Recreation and Parks department has made some enhancements to add special features and improvements to our park facilities. We are beginning to work on upgrading landscaping at the entrances to our existing parks, and look forward to have more visually-appealing entrances for the spring season. In addition we are working to make sure that we continue to maintain the infrastructure we have including updating bathrooms, restriping trails and parking lots, and upgrading benches and trashcans. 

In March we completely upgraded the existing bathrooms at Ocee Park and added new bathroom facilities at the far end of the park. Additionally, Ocee Park is getting new turf infields which will allow for fewer game postponements and improve playing time opportunities for our players. Be sure to stop by Ocee Park this spring and check out the new improvements.

Have you noticed the city blossoming and improving? Please share your spring stories with me as we move toward future success as an exceptional city. Don’t hesitate reach out to me with questions or concerns. You can always reach me either by email mike.bodker@johnscreekga.gov or phone 678-451-3313.