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Mayor John Bradberry

John BradberryJohn and his wife Christy are natives of Sandy Springs. In what would later become Johns Creek, John bought his first home in 1999 and served as his neighborhood’s HOA president.

As a new homeowner, John was concerned about community issues. He had seen what happened to Sandy Springs at the hands of Fulton County. Apartments and other high-density developments were repeatedly approved in the pursuit of greater tax revenue but greatly worsened traffic and residents’ quality of life. John joined the effort to start Milton County and served as the group’s founding chairman. When Johns Creek incorporated, John, like many other residents, felt that with the new city, our community would finally be protected.

When John and Christy married in 2003, they moved into their current home in Kingston Crossing, where John also served as HOA president. After serving as HOA president, John became increasingly concerned about the changes affecting Johns Creek. He began attending City Council meetings and got involved in the JCCA. He eventually started Preserve Johns Creek, a group dedicated to protecting our residential character and quality of life.

Christy attended Auburn and is a pharmacist at Northside Hospital. John is a graduate of UGA with a BBA in Management Information Systems. He worked for Oracle and later for himself as an IT consultant. With a passion for the outdoors and his community, John later decided to start his own business and built a very successful landscape design and contract business for residential and commercial customers. He continues to manage this business, while also maintaining business interests in real estate and educational finance.

John is a former United States Marine and member of the Johns Creek Veterans Association.

Christy, John, and their daughter Gracie attend Northpoint Community Church.