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Fire Recruiting

Upcoming Firefighter Applicant Testing

The Johns Creek Fire Department recruiting for Firefighter(s) is currently open. Resumes submitted between July 27, 2019 through July 26, 2020 will be considered. Resumes submitted will remain active for at least one year. To apply, complete the online application form.

Upcoming Testing

Applicant testing will be held August 4 and 5, 2020.  If needed, additional testing day(s) may be added without advance notice.  Eligible interest parties
will be contacted to schedule an appointment.  Test questions will be based upon information in the IFTSA book entitled Essentials of Firefighting, 5th Edition.

Steps of the Hiring Process

There are ten steps to the Firefighter hiring process:

Step 1 - Application for Employment

All interested parties must complete the online submission process, which includes your resume and salary requirements.  If selected for further consideration, you will also be asked to complete an Authorization for Release of personal records.

Resumes will not be accepted by email, in person, by mail, or by any other delivery method in-lieu of online submission.  False or misleading information will result in immediate disqualification.  

If a potential applicant has any disability that causes him/her to be unable to complete the online submission, contact Human Resources to request reasonable accommodation. 

Step 2 - Written Examination

A written test of a candidates' knowledge of NPQ I and II firefighter skills will be administered to Firefighter applicants. Only those candidates who pass the test will move forward in the selection process.

Step 3 - Oral Panel Interview

An interview to assess applicants' knowledge, experience, decision making skills, communication skills, and judgment ability will be conducted by the Department. Only those candidates who pass the panel interview will move forward in the selection process.

Step 4 - Physical Agility Test

The Physical Agility Test (PAT) is designed to measure strength, agility and endurance. The exam is in compliance with the Georgia Certified Firefighters Physical Agility Test and will consist of a stair climb, ladder extension, ventilation exercise, hose advance, rescue drag and ladder removal/replacement. The test is a timed exercise and the applicant must complete the entire test in seven minutes or less.

Step 5 - Final Interview

Once the recruiting process has been completed and the pool of candidates has been narrowed, a roster of eligible fulltime and/or part-time firefighter candidates will be compiled.  If an opening for a fulltime/part-time firefighter occurs, the eligible applicants will be invited to participate in final interviews.

The roster of eligible firefighter candidates remains active until exhausted or replaced.  The City reserves the right to delay filling any open position without notice to the eligible candidates.

Step 6 - Conditional Offer of Employment

A conditional offer of employment will be made to a qualified applicant following the final interview. This offer is contingent upon the applicant successfully completing and passing the remaining steps of the hiring process.

Step 7 - Background Investigation

All applicants will submit to a complete Background Investigation. As part of the background investigation, we will check the applicant's employment history, fire, financial, education, and military records as well as personal references. Please note that the background investigation is ongoing and may begin as soon as the application for employment is received.

Step 8 - Polygraph

All positions in the Fire Department require the applicant to submit to a Polygraph Examination. A contractor employed by the City will administer polygraphs. If results indicate deception, the applicant will be given the opportunity to explain, deny or admit the deception. A second examination may be administered at the discretion of the City if it is determined to be necessary for consideration of the applicant continuing in the process. The decision to remove an applicant from the hiring process will not be based solely on the outcome of a Polygraph.

Step 9 - Medical Evaluation/Drug Screen

The Medical Evaluation is thorough, and it is essential that candidates be in excellent health with no conditions which would restrict his/her ability to safely perform work. This exam will include but is not limited to the following:  EKG, Substance Abuse Screening, Medical Exam, and a TB Test.

Step 10 - Psychological Evaluation

All public safety positions in the Fire Department require the applicant to submit to a Psychological Examination. The Psychological Evaluation consists of written psychological tests as well an individual oral interview and evaluation by a contracted party on factors related to successful performance in the difficult and stressful job of Firefighter.  The information evaluated includes psychological tests as well as the background findings.

Note:  Steps 6-9 may not necessarily occur in this order.


Firefighter Minimum Requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be able to hear within the normal audible range (200 to 800 Hz) with or without correction
  • Must have 20/20 vision with or without correction
  • High School Diploma (or GED equivalent)
  • Must be authorized to work in the United States 
  • Must possess a valid Georgia Driver's License
  • FFI candidates must either have a minimum of six months uninterrupted fulltime fire service experience as a sworn firefighter with a paid, professional fire department or be a graduate of a Fire Science program with current or pending certification as a firefighter
  • FFI candidates must be a State Certified Firefighter under requirements set forth by the Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council or NPQ I certified minimum*
  • Candidates must meet the Hiring Standards set by the City of Johns Creek Fire Department
  • No felony conviction
  • No serious speeding (more than 10 miles per hour above limit), at-fault traffic, vehicular homicide, hit-and-run, or misdemeanor convictions/violations/citations within last five (5) years
  • No termination for cause from a local, state, national civil service, or other fire department
  • No convictions (includes Judgment before Probation and Nolo Contendere) of DUI/DWI/BUI within the last five (5) years.  No more than one conviction of DUI/DWI/BUI during lifetime
  • All circumstances surrounding a pending case will be considered before making a final hiring decision
*Any candidate who is NPQ I or NPQ II certified but is not a Georgia State Certified Firefighter must successfully challenge the Georgia Firefighter Certification Examination.

Ineligible if:

  • Georgia State Firefighter Certification or NPQ I or NPQ II Certification has been suspended or revoked or is currently under investigation
  • Has been convicted of a felony 

Firefighter Entry-Level Program

Georgia State law requires that an applicant be a citizen of the United States as of the date employment commences as evidenced by a certified copy of said candidate's birth certificate or other certified proof of citizenship acceptable to the Council. For information regarding citizenship requirements, contact the USCIS.

You do not have to be a resident of Johns Creek to apply for or work as a JCFD Firefighter.

Selection Process
  • Applicants must also meet the John Creek Fire Department's minimum requirements as well as the hiring standards.
  • Please note that the City of Johns Creek reserves the right to modify the selection process based on administrative considerations, legal requirements, or business/operational necessity.


The City of Johns Creek offers a comprehensive employee benefits package. For more information, contact Human Resources:

City of Johns Creek
Human Resources Division
11360 Lakefield Drive
Johns Creek, GA 30097

678-512-3200 or Human Resources

E-Verify ID:  100011

The City of Johns Creek is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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