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SWAT Medics

In 2011, the Johns Creek Fire Department trained seven firefighter/paramedics to respond as tactical medics with the North Metro SWAT team. The team, formed by the cities of Johns Creek, Dunwoody and Sandy Springs, responds with police officers to critical incidents (hostage situations, barricaded suspects, etc.) with a critical response.

SWAT MedicsHaving SWAT medics on the scene during critical incidents ensures prompt medical treatment in the event of an injury or medical emergency. Medics are present for medical issues that arise with responders, victims and suspects.

The tactical medics, certified through the National Tactical Officers Association, are equipped with identical tactical gear as well as specialized medical equipment.

Besides having medical authority on SWAT scenes, medics contribute to forcible entry, victim evacuation and hazardous materials issues. Each SWAT medic is mandated to attend at least 72 hours of tactical training annually.