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Whether it's your home or your business, taking precautions to keep you, your family and employees safe should be a high priority. This section contains fire safety pages on:

  • business fire safety
  • home fire safety, including home safety inspections
  • safety recalls
  • smoke detectors
  • general fire safety tips

Make sure your family and business have a fire safety plan. Prepare your home and business using the Johns Creek Fire Department's Home Fire Safety Checklist and Business Fire Safety Checklist. These tools can help ensure your family and business are practicing fire safety guidelines.

The Johns Creek Fire Department reminds everyone that with a little extra caution, preventing some of the leading cause of fires – cooking, heating, electrical and smoking-materials – is within their power.

Fire FAQs:

Did you know sleeping with your bedroom door closed could help save your life in the event of a house fire?
View this video of the Johns Creek Fire Department explaining how sleeping with your door closed can help buy you time to escape your home during a fire.