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2019 Homestead Exemption Calculator Tool

A Guide to Help Johns Creek Homeowners
Verify 2019 New Homestead Exemptions

Hello Johns Creek Home Owner!

You’ve likely received your 2019 Property Assessment Notice from Fulton County Assessors Office. (If you haven’t please visit www.fultonassessor.org to review your 2019 notice.) Whether this is your fourth property assessment notice or your 24th, you may have questions about the new homestead exemptions automatically applied to properties with existing homestead exemptions.

With a 2019 property assessment appeal deadline of August 2, 2019, you’ll want to make sure you understand and verify you are receiving the most accurate and correct exemption calculation. You can verify your 2019 homestead exemption included in your annual notice of assessment by completing the 2019 Homestead Exemption Calculator Tool.
  1. Start with a copy of your 2019 Property Assessment Notice and go online to https://fultonassessor.org/ Under the “Quick Links” section on the right side of the page, click the “Property Search Link” to locate your property information
  2. Fill in the information under one of the search options from the menu bar (Owner Search|Parcel Search|Address Search|Advanced Search|Personal Property Search|Map Search)
  3. Click on search results to display property profile. From the vertical menu on the left click “Values History”
  4. On the Values History page look at your property’s “Assessed Value Total” (bottom table) for the values from 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019
  5. Input these figures into the corresponding spaces in the 2019 Homestead Exemption Calculator Tool. The tool will automatically calculate your Base Year Value Multiplier, your CPI Adjusted Base Year Amount, as well as your 2019 CPI Homestead Adjustment
  6. You will then need to visit https://www.fultoncountytaxes.org/ to search for your prior year’s homestead exemption. On the https://www.fultoncountytaxes.org/ web page click on the top left menu item “Property Taxes” and then the sub menu item “Search for Tax Bill”
  7. From the Search for Tax Bill page you will select Real Estate under Property Type (#1) and enter your information (Parcel ID, Account Number or Street Address) NOTE: Be sure to select the year 2018 from the search criteria drop down menu
  8. Within the search results, click on the parcel ID link to view the Tax Bill summary page
  9. Click on the 2018 Tax Year Link to view your City of Johns Creek/Fulton Detailed Tax Summary. Under the “City of Johns Creek/Fulton Cycle” section towards the bottom there is an amount in the Exemption column for Johns Creek.  This amount is your 2018 homestead exemption.  Enter this amount in the Enter Basic Homestead Exemption in the 2019 Homestead Exemption Calculator Tool.
  10. The tool will automatically calculate your 2019 Homestead Exemption, which should match the 2019 Homestead Exemption figure on your 2019 Property Assessment Notice*
*NOTE: If you have input the correct amounts and the 2019 figures do not match, and you did not receive any additional exemptions (e.g. Senior Exemptions, etc.), please contact the Fulton County Assessors Office to report an exemption discrepancy.

2019 Annual Notices of Assessment

Real property notices of assessment were mailed to Fulton County homeowners on June 18th. The deadline to file appeals is August 2, 2019. Visit the Fulton County Assessors Office Helpful Information page to learn more about property assessments.


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