Prior to Johns Creek becoming a city, several billboard companies applied to Fulton County for 75 billboard sign permits.  Fulton County denied the applications and the billboard companies sued.  Johns Creek joined the lawsuit after it became a city.  The lawsuit was resolved by the Georgia Supreme Court with the finding that the Fulton County sign ordinance was unconstitutional and that the billboard companies were entitled to erect up to 75 billboards, including 31 billboards at 27 locations within Johns Creek.
The Georgia Supreme Court is the final authority on the matter and Johns Creek could not appeal its ruling to any other court.  Therefore, Johns Creek has no other choice but to adhere to the Georgia Supreme Court's ruling allowing the billboards. In order to mitigate the impact of 31 billboards, Johns Creek negotiated an agreement with the billboard companies to erect only 10 billboards in 10 locations. 
As of March 1, 2021, all allowable billboards have been erected in the following locations:

  • 11701 Fox Road – LED
  • 8455 Holcomb Bridge Road – LED
  • 8465 Holcomb Bridge Road – Static
  • 6375 McGinnis Ferry Road – LED
  • 7701 McGinnis Ferry Road – LED
  • 10870 State Bridge Road – LED
  • 9730 Medlock Bridge Road- LED
  • 10960 Medlock Bridge Road – LED
  • 10965 Medlock Bridge Road – LED
  • 5725 State Bridge Road – LED
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