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Text Amendment Updates

Zoning Ordinance

Text Amendment: Amendment to Clarify and Affirm the Adoption of Fulton County Imposed Zoning Conditions and Zoning Index Maps - Approved February 2021

Text Amendment - A-21-001 [PDF]

Text Amendment: Banners-Window Signs Approved - September 2020

Text Amendment - Banner-Window Signs [PDF]

Text Amendment to add definition for Brewery and regulate the use in C-2 Community Business District

Text Amendment - Brewery [PDF]

Improve consistency with the adopted Comprehensive Plan - Approved September 2019

Text Amendment - Comprehensive Plan Ordinance [PDF]

Vape Ordinance - Approved July 2019

Text Amendment - Vape [PDF]

Land Development Regulations

Text Amendment: Chapter 109 - Article IV - Post-Construction Storrmwater Management for New Development and Redevelopment - Approved November 2020

Text Amendment - Chapter 109 [PDF]

Land Development Text Amendment - Approved February 2020

Text Amendment - Land Development Comprehensive Plan [PDF]

Litter Control Ordinance - Approved June 2019

Text Amendment - Litter Ordinance [PDF]

Text Ordinance Library

Zoning Ordinance Date
Amending Zoning Ordinance Brewpub Approved Jan 2018
Zoning Text Amendment    Approved Oct 2016
Zoning Text Amendment Article lll Definitions Approved Aug 2016
Zoning Ordinance - Zoning Procedures Approved Jan 2015
Zoning Ordinance Amendment-Signs Approved May 2014
Zoning Text Amendment-Antenna Approved July 2013
Zoning Ord-Amendment to Sign Ordinance for Fall Approved Aug 2011
Zoning Ordinance Codified Approved May 2010
Codifying Zoning Ordinance Appendix A Approved May 2010
Land Development Regulations Date
Amend Dev. Regulations Article Vll Procedures
Surety and Bonds   
Approved Apr 2016
Amend Chapter 6 Soil & Erosion Approved Nov 2016
Chapter 109 - Natural Resources Approved Mar 2015
Amendment to Development Regulations Approved Mar 2011
Chapter 109 Floodplain Ordinance Amendment            Approved Nov 2011
Soil Erosion Ordinance Amendments Approved May 2010
Chapter 113-Development Regulations   Approved Jun 2009
Revise Chapter 14-Land Development & Floodplain Mgmt.    Approved May 2009
Amending Chapter 2 Administration Approved Feb 2009
Amending Chapter 14 Litter Control Approved Sep 2008