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Text Amendment Updates

Zoning Ordinance

Text Amendment: The Johns Creek City Council has imposed a six-month moratorium on accepting and processing business tax certificates and building permits applications, or issuance of certificates of occupancy for vape and smoke shops from August 30, 2021 to February 28, 2022.

Approved August 2021

Text Amendment - Vape and Smoke Shops [PDF]

Text Amendment: Amendment to make the treatment of Personal Care Home/Assisted Living use consistent with other comparable residential uses
Approved April 2021

Text Amendment - Appendix A [PDF]

Text Amendment: Amendment to Clarify and Affirm the Adoption of Fulton County Imposed Zoning Conditions and Zoning Index Maps - Approved February 2021

Text Amendment - A-21-001 [PDF]

Text Amendment: Banners-Window Signs Approved - September 2020

Text Amendment - Banner-Window Signs [PDF]

Text Amendment to add definition for Brewery and regulate the use in C-2 Community Business District

Text Amendment - Brewery [PDF]

Improve consistency with the adopted Comprehensive Plan - Approved September 2019

Text Amendment - Comprehensive Plan Ordinance [PDF]

Vape Ordinance - Approved July 2019

Text Amendment - Vape [PDF]

Land Development Regulations

Text Amendment: Chapter 109 - Article IV - Post-Construction Storrmwater Management for New Development and Redevelopment - Approved November 2020

Text Amendment - Chapter 109 [PDF]

Land Development Text Amendment - Approved February 2020

Text Amendment - Land Development Comprehensive Plan [PDF]

Litter Control Ordinance - Approved June 2019

Text Amendment - Litter Ordinance [PDF]

Text Ordinance Library

Zoning Ordinance Date
Amending Zoning Ordinance Brewpub Approved Jan 2018
Zoning Text Amendment    Approved Oct 2016
Zoning Text Amendment Article lll Definitions Approved Aug 2016
Zoning Ordinance - Zoning Procedures Approved Jan 2015
Zoning Ordinance Amendment-Signs Approved May 2014
Zoning Text Amendment-Antenna Approved July 2013
Zoning Ord-Amendment to Sign Ordinance for Fall Approved Aug 2011
Zoning Ordinance Codified Approved May 2010
Codifying Zoning Ordinance Appendix A Approved May 2010
Land Development Regulations Date
Amend Dev. Regulations Article Vll Procedures
Surety and Bonds   
Approved Apr 2016
Amend Chapter 6 Soil & Erosion Approved Nov 2016
Chapter 109 - Natural Resources Approved Mar 2015
Amendment to Development Regulations Approved Mar 2011
Chapter 109 Floodplain Ordinance Amendment            Approved Nov 2011
Soil Erosion Ordinance Amendments Approved May 2010
Chapter 113-Development Regulations   Approved Jun 2009
Revise Chapter 14-Land Development & Floodplain Mgmt.    Approved May 2009
Amending Chapter 2 Administration Approved Feb 2009
Amending Chapter 14 Litter Control Approved Sep 2008