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Minecraft: Johns Creek

Get the kids involved, too! The City will provide children (ages 8 and older) the opportunity to “build” a future Johns Creek using the interactive computer game, Minecraft, during public meetings.

Please have your child(ren) bring their own laptop device to the public meetings. *Check ConnectJohnsCreek.com for upcoming meeting dates/times.

Or, download the Minecraft Worlds below.

1. You will need your own Minecraft account and the Minecraft game downloaded on your computer. 

2. Click the links below to download the Minecraft world(s) that interests you!

3. Follow the directions inside the file to load the world onto your computer. 

4. Be creative! Design your "dream" Johns Creek.

5. (Optional) Sign up to share your Minecraft world with us as part of the Comprehensive Plan process! All submissions will be reviewed by City Planners and the most creative world will receive a prize!

Johns Creek Minecraft Worlds

Click on the world(s) below to download the file(s)!

Minecraft World Minecraft World Minecraft World 
Minecraft World Minecraft World

(Optional) Sign up here to share your Minecraft World with us!