Community Education Session #1

Sept. 27, 2016

This meeting brought two industry experts together to discuss land use and transportation strategies for suburban communities.

First, Joe Kohl of Dover Kohl & Partners presented on walkable communities. Mr. Kohl described changing trends in generations including the decrease in car ownership and less value placed on driving. Examples on how to retrofit suburban places into more walkable, mixed- use environments were presented. Several case studies were presented include Winter Park, Florida and Glenwood Park, Atlanta.

The response to Mr. Kohl’s presentation was mixed. Several community members had questions on the topics presented. The desire to maintain the single family bedroom community structure was expressed by some, while others advocated for more walkable, mixed-use areas.

Paul Moore of Nelson Nygaard presented on suburban transportation strategies. This was generally well received by the public in attendance and the discussion was productive. One of the ideas that was favored by the community was the creation of access roads or new roads through existing or demising commercial developments to divert traffic off main arterials. Paul also explained how when you widen a road it come with more curb cuts and commercial development risks. Mr. Moore also shaped his transportation discussion around wellness and how multi-modal transportation accessibility supports healthy lifestyle habits and increases physical activity. He concluded with stating that you must plan for the roads you want to manage, not the other way around. 

Key Takeaways

  • No high rise development (2-3 stories) for any type of walkable, town center

  • Creative traffic solutions for the suburbs imperative – they want more

  • Diverting traffic into retrofitted commercial centers is an option

  • Bike infrastructure is desired

  • Preserve bedroom community