CAC Meeting #9

April 27, 2017

This meeting was held to review the first draft of the Comprehensive Plan update. The draft plan was advanced to the CAC members on 3 days prior for review. The meeting focused on reviewing Section 3- Community Vision.

The vision statement was first reviewed. The CAC made some comments to help refine the vision statement, specifically about calling attention to greenspace, health and healthcare, and vibrancy. Next, goals were reviewed, and the CAC made some suggestions to further refine them.

The next area of review was the draft plan’s proposed policies. While the Project Team included policies that received a majority from the CAC previously, there was discussion on eliminating policies based on how much consensus they originally received from the CAC, and whether or not they would be well-received by the public. Lastly, a discussion about future land use map and its designations was had, and some suggestions were passed along to the Project Team

The CAC also made requests to the Project Team with regards to making the plan even clearer for users in the form of more explanatory information and clearer photos, graphics, and maps.