CAC Meeting #7

March 14, 2017

In attendance: Sharon Ebert, Adam Williamson, Eric Lusher, Andrew Antweiler, City Staff, CAC Committee Members

Please find a copy of the presentation below:




This meeting was held to discuss the CAC policy survey results, transportation concept development, future land use map development, and the character area map.

Policy Survey

In the previous CAC meeting the committee decided to create an internal policy survey to understand priorities in the City moving forward. Each member was asked to “agree, disagree, or comment” on the statements listed. Overall the results were consistent and a clear direction was given to the consultant team. A copy of the presentation is posted in the website which shows each individual policies and how they were received. This feedback will be incorporated in our draft recommendations available in the coming months. There was discussion about question structure and how to proceed with the survey from here on out. The survey is reopened to the remaining CAC members who did not get a chance to take the survey, per their request. These updated results will be available at the next CAC meeting.

Transportation Plan Development

The transportation team discussed corridors and active transportation options. Regarding the corridors the discussion topics included SR 141 and State Bridge widening possibly being reevaluated and whether adding six lanes to McGinnis Ferry was plausible. Several non CAC members showed up to the meeting in opposition to the McGinnis Ferry widening idea.

Key Takeaways:

Most of the car trips head SW from Johns Creek – most trips generated on 141 S

Scenario testing for future travel pattern was conducted by the transportation consultants, each travel demand model takes 48 hours to create, this tool is used by the ARC for long range transportation planning. Travel demand model assumes 2040 growth projections but maintains infrastructure outside of Johns Creek to be the same (i.e. road widening, bus rapid transit).

Widening McGinnis Ferry to 6 lanes only increases travel time by 4 minutes over 141 at 4 lanes. Widening E-W not likely to relieve most N-S movements. CAC and public adamantly against this 6 lane widening.

Long term bus rapid transit proposed along State Bridge Road – opposition to bus service, worry of low use was a concern of the CAC.

SR 141 through JC is the preferred route to jobs in central Atlanta as seen through traffic pattern modeling.

Widening 141 to 6 lanes would reduce peak period travel time by 4.5 minutes just in Johns Creek – CAC and public adamantly against this widening

CAC idea about staggering school bus usage in the morning to help traffic problems

Roundabouts popular option for slowing down traffic and decreasing accidents throughout the City

Land Use Plan Development

Key Takeaways:

Future land use plan to tighten up uses and deter future legal issues

CAC doesn’t want the city to become a strip mall – Medlock Bridge specifically– tighten up character areas along 141

Residential nodes suggestion – propose nodes for more detailed study of transportation and land use for internal CAC discussion at next meeting

City created density map to illustrate current densities to CAC
Is the 14k-15k additional units from the previous Comp Plan appropriate? No – as of now, the Project Team will suggest new number based off CAC feedback

Future land use plan and designations was well received by CAC
The next CAC meeting will be held on 03/30/2017.