CAC Meeting #6

February 2, 2017

In attendance: Sharon Ebert, Adam Williamson, Laura Richter, Richard Fangmann, Andrew Antweiler, City Staff, CAC Committee Members

This meeting was held one week after the Three Day Workshop to discuss the results and materials produced. First a presentation was given by TSW and POND on draft land use and transportation concepts developed thus far. Pond led the conversation with reviewing three alternatives for the 141 corridor. Please refer to the posted presentation from the Workshop.

1. Freeway option
2. Grade separated street option
3. Designing more local streets in commercial areas to divert traffic option

Additionally a trail map was presented to show a potential multi-use trail system throughout the City. TSW then led the land use portion looking at the three nodes that the CAC chose previously.

These concepts were ultimately about showing a grid with walkable sized blocks. The land uses depicted show a healthy mix of uses, but are variable and depend on the market conditions in the City. Land uses shown aren’t important in this exercise as they purely conceptual, but illustrating the transportation component and generating alternative routes is what could be an important tool to the City. Land uses vary over time,  think of towns with traditional street grids where uses change frequently.

Following the presentation each member of the CAC was given time to speak about their personal opinions on all items discussed by the Project Team. This served as an extremely helpful tool to guide us into the next steps of the project. Below the overall takeaways from this discussion are listed:

  • Transportation plans and ideas need more detail and clarification including: overall master street plan development and individual projects for roads eg. 141 etc. Support for maintaining the 4 lane section of 141 was heard and to add multi-modal access to it with mutli-use trails on either side for bike/ped/cart use.
  • Expand transportation, land use and transportation initiatives into policies that the Project Team will draft based on public input further detailing ideas we have heard. These policies will serve as basis for future projects the City can focus on in the twenty years.
  • Explore other nodes’ potential other than the ones from the Workshop. Jones Bridge/State Bridge was mentioned the most among many. Additionally, the Atlanta Athletic Club site should remain green or low density residential.
  • The CAC would like a second survey drafted that will contain policies for the public to agree/disagree/and comment on. The Project Team is developing this now.