CAC Meeting #4

Dec. 15, 2016

In attendance: CAC Committee, Sharon Ebert, Laura Richter, City Staff
This additional CAC meeting was called to create a better understanding of the comprehensive planning process and purpose. TSW met with the City and the CAC committee to have a group discussion on goals, the vision statement and to view a presentation from one of the committee members.

First, the planning process diagram was presented to show the committee we are currently in the “Visioning” portion of the process which means we are formatting big ideas, as well as identifying areas for redevelopment, development and preservation. All of these ideas and areas identified are derived from community input at public workshops, CAC meetings, and the online survey results thus far. The group then transitioned to discussing the top 10 goals which were ranked at the last public workshop. During this discussion the committee categorized the goals into: land use, quality of life, and economic development. This help synthesize goals and to determine if ones should be combined. Goals #1 and #8 from the list were combined and some were viewed as objectives that may be incorporated into an updated Vision Statement.

Next, the team transitioned into discussing the Vision Statement. We reviewed the 2008 comprehensive plan Vision Statement as well as the one from the 2016 Strategic Plan. The committee liked the Strategic Plan’s statement with some tweaks. TSW will present and updated draft at that statement to the committee at our next meeting in January based on their edits and open to further tweaks. The team then discussed the three day workshop schedule and materials. It was explained to the committee that it is very important to attend as much as the workshop as possible and to attend all public meetings. The CAC reviewed our draft study area nodes and they supplied us with other locations such as Jones Bridge Road and Kimball Bridge Road, Jones Bridge Road and State Bridge Road and Parsons Road at 141. These nodes will be reviewed and added to the map for further study.

Lastly, Anand Thacker, a member of the committee gave a presentation on a “Big Idea” for the city’s future. Much discussion was about Johns Creek lacks of identity, what does it want to be? The committee commented that the City is currently known as a bedroom community. Anand’s idea is to transition Johns Creek into a health care hub while still maintaining its high quality housing stock. This presentation looked at ideas such as healthcare incubators and expanding on the existing Emory Hospital campus. Anand has a website called “” which further explains his goals and ideas for the City. His presentation and video from the meeting can be viewed below. The CAC wants to meet again before the three day workshop to further discuss the Vision Statement and for the opportunity for other members to present Big Ideas for the City’s future on January 19, 2017 at 6pm.

iHeartJC Presentation Video