CAC Meeting #3

Nov. 10, 2016

In attendance: CAC Committee, Sharon Ebert, Laura Richter, Adam Williamson, Richard Fangman, Andrew Antweiler, Allison Bustin, City Staff

Our third meeting with the CAC began with a committee member proposing a structure and leadership structure for the group. This motion was tabled by the committee members and consultants proceeded as we had a full agenda for the time allotted. The project team encouraged the CAC to communicate outside of our regular meetings. We presented the results of the SWOT analysis and asked them to comment and add anything they felt was missing.

The Project Team then went around the room and had each member tell us a goal for the project informed by the SWOT results. This resulted in 19 goals which were to be revealed in the public meeting and ranked by citizens in order of importance. Many goals were similar, some combined including town center, nodal development, and transportation system goals. A ranked final list is recorded in a separate document and will be published on our website and distributed to the public.

Considering some felt there was a time crunch in this meeting, the Project Team plans to have two CAC meetings during the workshop or a longer time allotment for meetings. With each CAC meeting we try to adapt and accommodate the needs of the committee members.