CAC Meeting #2

Oct. 27, 2016

In attendance: CAC Committee, Sharon Ebert, Laura Richter, Adam Williamson, Richard Fangman, Allison Bustin, City Staff
CAC Meeting #2

Our second meeting with the CAC began with takeaways from the tour. We discussed each neighborhood and everyone agreed they enjoyed touring Woodstock and Glenwood Park the most. The Project Team compiled some stats from the different communities to show them what densities that had toured and to define the mix of uses each place has to offer.

We followed up this discussion with a presentation on demographics in the community as requested. In this meeting we also discussed the 2008 Comp Plan including the previous Vision Statement and whether or not it was appropriate still for the community as well as reviewing the current 12 Character Areas.

The project team also shared expanded demographic information from 2008 and present day. This was requested by the CAC during the October 8th tour. The consultants then led a discussion about transportation goals and big ideas for the project. I have included a photo of our list generated with the committee. This was a good warm up activity as the CAC joined us in the public meeting for a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis. We encourage the CAC members to be stewards of their community and guide the process with the public. We gave the CAC homework including a ULI presentation and to review the previous Comp Plan for comment.