CAC Meeting #1 Tour of Communities

Oct. 8, 2016

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is a group of citizens chosen by the City to represent the population of Johns Creek throughout the comprehensive planning process.
CAC Meeting in Downtown Woodstock

In attendance: CAC Committee, Sharon Ebert, Laura Richter, Adam Williamson, Richard Fangman, City Staff

The day kicked off with a presentation on existing conditions and demographics throughout the community. Each CAC member was given a packet that included development information for each community and maps.

Our first stop at Glenwood Park  included an introduction to the project at the Town Square. The group viewed the mixed use buildings and also walked through the townhome and single family home portion of the project. The group walked through the oval park and discussed its role in storm water management for the community. This development exhibited how low density mixed use and walkable communities can be implemented and family oriented. It is also an example of alley loaded residential products.

Next, the group visited Inman Park to see a larger town center/village development integrated with a trail system. Our group walked through Inman Green mixed-use project and along the Atlanta BeltLine to show how the development fronts the trail and enriches this multi-use amenity. Last the group traveled to downtown Woodstock to see a small town infill and renovation. The group walked through both the historic and newly developed portions since 2004. Members finished the tour in the single family and townhome portion and explored its varied green spaces including pocket parks and courtyards.CAC-Tour