The Customer Self-Service (CSS) Portal is the City of Johns Creek's hub for online permitting services.

A User Account is required to access CSS Portal functions. Visit the CSS Portal to get started.

How the CSS Portal makes permitting easy

  • Clear instructions for documents and information needed for each permit type
  • Keep tabs on your permit throughout the process
  • 24/7 access
  • Add project contacts 
  • Electronic plan submittal saves money, paper, and trips to City Hall
  • Electronic review mark-ups show you specific comments
  • Electronic fee payments are secure
  • Contractor Registration eliminates the need to submit credentials with every application (please keep your information current)
  • Print your permits, approved plans, invoices, and receipts from the CSS Portal
  • Schedule inspections online and view results
  • Hands services such as permit revisions, change of contractor, permit extensions, Certificate of Occupancy request, and more

Next Steps for Contractors

Create a CSS Portal User Account
  • Apply for your Contract Registration, and submit your credentials
  • Have co-workers (office staff, job superintendents, design pros, permit runners, etc.) create their own user accounts. When you add them to a permit as a Contact, they will be able to work with your projects in the CSS Portal.

Access the CSS Portal & Create an Account.

Building Permit Forms

View the list of Building Permit Forms

CSS Portal User Guides

Need Additional Help?

City staff can provide direct assistance in navigating the portal at our CSS Portal kiosk located in the City Hall lobby, 11360 Lakefield Drive. 

Contact our Permit Technicians at 678-512-3250 or for assistance with using the CSS Portal, permitting process, and permit requirements.

For technical assistance, please call 678-512-3200 or email